Friday, January 18, 2008

Blue Blogging

Looking at my WIP's in the side bar I noticed a whole 'lotta blue goin' on. It is funny, because it matches my general mood in the winter. Not dour, not sad, just a little blah. Seeing it illustrated in my sidebar was a little jarring. I think color can affect our mood and our mood affects the colors we choose. Over the summer I was overwhelmingly attracted to apple green. So much that I had to make the Buncha Squares blanket to use it all(and yes, I did have to buy more to finish it!). Before Ravelry I never would have noticed a trend in my color choices. Has anyone else noticed this in their knitting?

The above is my latest progress on the Cozy V Neck Sweater from Fitted Knits as mentioned in my earlier post. The pattern is veddy easy and the yarn Malabrigo worsted is from HEAVEN. It is softer than many cashmere yarns I have used.


Difwiz said...

How do you get the progress bars beneath your pictures of your works in progress? I have several UFOs (unfinished fabric objects) and I think that would be a good way for me to motivate myself to finish them!

jenknits said...

I difwiz,

I got those fabulous progress bars courtesy of the creator of knit and crochet community). He provided the code and being code clueless I cut and paste it to my site. If you click on one of the projects it will link you back to the Ravelry site.

Knitting is a short, skip and hop from quilting. I know many who enjoy both. Perhaps you could be enticed to give it a try?

Difwiz said...


I actually do both. I have one knitting project that has been in the works for 2 years now, but it has not gotten very far - it is an alpaca victorian lace shawl. I have picked it up and put it down several times, but something always pulls me away from it. I guess that is how it is with all my projects. I have so many in progress at once it is hard for me to remember which ones I have at any point in time. Also, I have enough alpaca yarn to make this really beautiful blanket, but I promised myself I would not start it until I finished my shawl, so it has been sitting in my closet for over a year.

Thanks for the info!!!

Librarian Lee said...

Hi: I came across your blog while esearching for knitted ipod pouch patterns and I really like the one your blogged sometime ago - along with the button hole bag. Can you share the pattern with me for both? I went to Mason Dixon Knitting and did not see either one. ~Lee